Gepps Cross – Holden Hill

At Australian Paving Centre, we pride ourselves on providing the biggest range of products in Adelaide. If you are planning on doing any hardscaping, we have all the products you need in the one place. We have all types of pavers, from your traditional brick pavers, clay pavers to modern large format, Porcelain, Stoneware, natural stones like Travertine, Bluestone and Marble. We also have all your garden wall blocks, retaining wall blocks, designer masonry blocks, concrete sleepers, breeze blocks, wall cladding and even indoor tiles. We also have the largest range of pool coping choices in Adelaide.

At APC, we want to provide all our customers with the best service and expert advice. To help, we have an extensive range of brochures available instore or on our website in the Knowledge Centre.

Each of our franchised stores is locally owned and operated, and our staff have local knowledge. They can put you in touch with the right local Tradie who is qualified, licensed, experienced and insured for any project type.

We recommend that a driveway paver is a minimum of 50mm thick to withstand the weight and pressures of any vehicle. APC has a list of approved driveway pavers. We also do not recommend a driveway paver be larger than 250 x 250mm unless there are a number of circumstances. Certain colours could also be avoided in driveways depending on its use. Visit your local APC display centre and speak to our expert staff or read our blog here for more information.

Not all pavers are created equal, so we recommend ensuring that the paver is salt resistant. At APC, our complete pool paver and coping range are salt resistant. We also recommend a paver that is slip resistant, given that the pavers will be wet most of the time. You may also want to consider a paver that is ‘cool under foot’ to avoid burnt feet. You can speak with our expert staff at your local APC display centre or read our block here for more information.

You want to ensure that the product you choose meets the features and benefits required for your project type. Depending on your retaining wall, you may need a certain retaining wall block. The same goes for your pavers, as not all pavers are created equal. You can read more about choosing the right pavers here or visit your local APC store to speak with our expert staff, who can assist you with selecting the right product.

The area of retaining walls can be subject to many restrictions, including product type, design, construction and council regulations. It is important to not only build your retaining wall correctly but also to choose the correct product. Our website has a page for every product which lists the features and benefits, has a downloadable product brochure and a DIY installation guide – available to you for free! You can view our range of retaining wall blocks here or speak with our friendly staff at your local APC showroom for further assistance.

APC has a preferred installer referral system where we match a local contractor to the work they are qualified to do and may specialise in. As all of our franchise stores are locally owned, we know all the local tradies that are qualified, licensed, experienced and insured, so you can be rest assured that you are getting the right person to do your project for you.

Our preferred tradies operate independently of APC. We do our best to match a local tradie to your project, however you must conduct your own due diligence on these businesses. Please ensure they are currently licensed and insured for the work they are undertaking.

Yes, all of our APC stores carry a range of seconds. As our stock constantly changes, it is best to contact or visit your local APC to see what stock they have.

All local stores open at different times. Please check your local store for opening times here.

No. Most local garden centres already offer this service.

Sealing pavers can be essential in some circumstances. It is also important to select the correct sealer dependent upon the job. You can view our range of sealers and cleaners here, but we recommend visiting your local APC store to discuss your pavers and requirements so our specialist staff can recommend the right sealer for the job.