Freestone Retaining Walls Lonsdale
Blocks for the Future Ebony colourFreestone ECO..Freestone BlocksFreestone Eco Ebony Exposed FinishFreestone Eco Walnut Exposed 2Freestone ECO Walnut ExposedFreestone seatFreestone Mist StandardFreestone retaining wall seatFreestone seatFreestone smooth retaining wallBluestone Freestone BlocksFreestone ECO Ebony colourFreestone Mist StandardPaversPaverslarge retaining wall smooth charcoalIMG_076314a21f187874e10c0690eb13f262217a_f9774292c0df73480e528d8aa66aaefc9f0136_f97946989b8ef8ca4001a0906b2b8fb7b54d_f1078Ebony Smooth and bullnose capSmooth CharcoalFreestone ECO Walnut colourFreestone Block Retaining Walls LonsdaleFreestone Block Walls LonsdaleEbony Smooth With Bullnose CapFreestone ebony standard finishFreestone mist blockFreestone mist block AdelaideFreestone standard finish mistMist exposed finish with matching capMist standard finish with bullnose capMist standard finishFreestone Pool Paving Blocks Gepps CrossPool Pavers Freestone Price Gepps CrossFREESTONE BLOCK 2FREESTONE BLOCK 3FREESTONE BLOCK 4FREESTONE BLOCK 5FREESTONE BLOCK 6FREESTONE BLOCK 1Block Freestone PaversFreestone Pavers BlockFreestone Block Pavers PricesFreestone Pavers PricesFreestone Block PaversPaving Freestone Block AdelaideFreestone Pavers AdelaideFreestone PaversPaving Freestone BlocksFreestone Paving BlocksFreestone Block Pavers AdelaideFreestone Block AdelaideFreestone Paving Blocks AdelaideFreestone Block PricesFreestone pavingFreestone Paving PricesFreestone Paving AdelaideFreestone Block AdelaideFreestone Garden WallsFreestone Pavers AdelaideFreestone Retaining WallsFreestone Vertical Blocks



  • Prestige and quality
  • DIY vertical blocks
  • Smooth or exposed surface finish
  • No concrete footings
  • Eco friendly – 40% recycled material

Suitable for

  • Retaining walls
  • Garden walls
  • Fences
  • Garden seats
  • Sun lounges
  • Steps



Colour Range
Exposed Finish
Exposed Finish
Smooth Finish
Smooth Finish
Specifications Finish Size (WxHxD) No. per m2 Units per pallet
Freestone Block Smooth 400 x 250 x 240mm 10 48
Freestone Block Exposed Aggregate 400 x 250 x 240mm 10 48
Freestone Corner Smooth 440 x 250 x 240mm n/a 40
Freestone Corner Exposed Aggregate 440 x 250 x 240mm n/a 40
Freestone Bullnose Cap Smooth 300 x 50 x 300mm n/a 192
Freestone Square Cap Smooth 400 x 50 x 300mm n/a 144
Freestone Square Cap Exposed Aggregate 400 x 50 x 300mm n/a 144

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